About Us

We’re just two ordinary guys wanting to take you on an extraordinary adventure. Everything on the website can be done, by you, in the places we’ve visited. Just follow the instructions and we’re sure you’ll have an unforgettable time – whether it’s chilling out, partying or doing something crazy.

All the video clips were created as we travelled using a digital camcorder, a laptop and a lot of determination. We’re not sure where the white suit and Panama hat came into it, but we hope you’ll agree it’s turned into something good.

Sadly, travelling is an expensive hobby and we’re currently doing our day-jobs back in Sydney looking for a way to continue the adventure. Please get in touch if you know of something (e.g. funding, competitions, sponsorship) that could help us with our next trip. We want to grow the website and help our fellow travelers with a mix of factual information and out of the ordinary things to do.

Hope you enjoy the website.

Team Passion.