20 Oct 2011

by Marc Passion

Austin…is frigin cool!

Austin, Texas.

One very cool place!

Get your walking shoes on for this city.

The north of the city down Congress takes you across the river to Soco. Antique shops, awesome coffee shops and some very far out there boutiques. Stop at the many food trucks a long the way ranging from cupcakes to tex mex to thai….quick easy meals for an on the run lifestyle but still maintaining the cheap price without losing the quality taste.

Austin is all about the good life. 6th Street downtown has plenty of bars with live music everyday. On the weekends the street is closed off so drunken monkeys like myself can stagger across the street from bar to bar. Remember to have your ID with you….they are quite ‘anal’ when it comes to that. They check everyone, even if you look 50! I can just be thankful that when I was 18 it was legal to have a drink in Australia. Seems so backward that the USA permits you to vote when your’e 18, drive a car and i dare say it…own a gun!! YOU CAN OWN A GUN WHEN YOUR’E 18 BUT YOU CAN’T DRINK! For a country that prides themselves as leading the way into the future, they really are quite backwards. So remember your ID.

The best thing about each individual bar is the style of music being played is completely different to the next one. What ever you fancy to have a listen to is their, live and top quality. After all Austin is the home of South by Southwest Music Festival.

When one’s stomach is rumbling remember you’re in Tex Mex country…and a bit out of the city the best fajitas can be found at a place called The Oasis on Lake Travis. Margaritas a plenty and delicious food with an amazing view as the back drop. The view across the lake with the sunset is stunning, and the building which was hit by lightening a few years back destroying a large portion has been rebuilt.

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