02 May 2012

by Marc Passion

Fail: An attempt to travel around the world in 8 minutes without even stepping on to a plane.

My idea was sound. Or was it?


Start at one end of the Las Vegas strip and finish at the other. How hard could it be to film a short 8 minutevideo, meant to be 8 minutes with a short introduction to each themed casino representing different cities from around the world? It was Marc Passion versus Las Vegas, and you guessed it, Las Vegas was the winner.

I’m not sure if it was those little tired legs of mine or the compulsory consumption of 2 to 3 beers at each casino that slowed us down but here is my failed attempt to travel around the world in 8 minutes.


07 Mar 2012

by Marc Passion

Mansons Night


Passion: Dressed by Nzega

Mansons night is all about looking after those guys and girls, many who you never see but are the ones that make your bed everyday, mop the floor, cook 3 hot meals a day and serve those cold beers. They mow the lawn and do emergency washing when you’ve had one to many and made a complete mess of yourself. It’s their turn for us to be on beck and call for a night.


20 Oct 2011

by Marc Passion

Austin…is frigin cool!

Austin, Texas.

One very cool place!

Get your walking shoes on for this city.

The north of the city down Congress takes you across the river to Soco. Antique shops, awesome coffee shops and some very far out there boutiques. Stop at the many food trucks a long the way ranging from cupcakes to tex mex to thai….quick easy meals for an on the run lifestyle but still maintaining the cheap price without losing the quality taste.


19 Sep 2011

by Marc Passion

Welcome…and enjoy the sights of my African Safari!

Arrrgh...The Safari has just begun.


09 Aug 2011

by Marc Passion

On the Down Low: Photo Essay of Downtown Los Angeles (pub crawl included)

An old LA Theatre, one of the very few left.

On your next trip to Los Angeles, forget about being that tourist where you feel its necessary to take a photo of the Hollywood Sign or Muscle Beach and instead head to Down Town LA. Get amongst the Suits, the Yuppies, the other but not so many  tourists and of course the trolley pushing homeless. Down Town LA really is one cool and hip place to check out and at no time did I feel unsafe.


18 Jul 2011

by Marc Passion

Sewell’s Safari Tour

YouTube Preview Image

As part of Tbex 2011 in Vancouver, I was able to take part in sponsored tours showing off what the city had to offer. I’d say I definitely picked the best one! We ventured down to Horseshoe Bay around 30 or 40 minutes from Vancouver.

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