Solomon Islands

07 May 2011

by Marc Passion

Boat Trip with the Boys

Day 14. Day off with the boys. Beers, BBQ and Boating! Perfect.

For SB$6000 you get your very own and very old fishing boat to cruise from the port in Honiara around to Bonegi Beach and beyond.






Our journey started off perfect. A broken gear box! We had to sit tight for about 2 hours whilst it got fixed but hey that didn’t matter. We had a huge esky full of iced cold beers filled to the brim. So what if it was only 9 in the morning. Breakfast of champions I say. A nice cold beer while floating in the bluest of blue waters. Brilliant.

The gearbox was fixed and we were on our way heading for Bonegi Beach well known for its WW2 wrecks that lie just off the shore. The Solomon Islands is not exactly on the tourist map and very few people realise the history of the place.

Some of the most intense fighting of the WW2 occurred in the Guadacanal Campaign. The most significant of the Allied Forces’ operations against the Japanese Imperial Forces was launched on August 7, 1942, with simultaneous naval bombardments and amphibious landings on the Florida Islands at Tulagi and Red Beach on Guadalcanal.

Today lies thewrecks of many sunken battle ships, fighter planes and when you head in land you can find abandoned tanks, cannons and other weapons.

It’s amazing to see the size of some of the wrecks. Scattered all around the island are numerous wrecks, some going down 60 metres. Divers could spend weeks exploring the Guadacanal deep sea. I found an excellent site showing you amazing under water pictures of these wrecks:

It took around an hour to reach our destination and on arrival, well boys will be boys. Jumping from the top deck doing bombs into the water, snorkelling, trying out the traditional dug out canoe and of course plenty of beer drinking and munching down on a few steak sandwiches. Exactly what we needed after another 13 days straight of 12 hour days!

More photos of this adventure can be seen here: Passion’s Photos

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