18 Dec 2010

by Marc Passion

Sennheiser vs BOSE

As I boarded my flight to Los Angeles, I looked at the state of my Sennheiser (noise cancelling) head phones. Going on just over two years old, the quality and clarity of the head phones are still just as good as the day I bought them. The only difference is the cloth covering the ear pieces are wilting away. Will this end up breaking a seal therefore the noise cancellation won’t work as good as it should?

The airplane was full of passengers wearing Bose Headphones. So I’m now wondering what will be my next investment. Everybody knows about Bose. The quality. The style. The advancements in technology.

I have other Bose products and one can easily become accustomed to the superiority of Bose products. But Sennheiser in their own right have continued to improve in quality.

I prefer the smaller ear head phones and my decision has come down to 2:

The Sennheiser PXC 250-II (US$259.00) vs The Bose QuietComfort® 3 (US$349.00)

What are your thoughts of these products or do you know of other noise cancelling headphones that could beat these two to a sale?

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  • Bobber

    When I was doing 100k miles/year my Bose QC2 phones saved my sanity. Like your Sens, the ear cups disintegrated, and Bose let me trade them in on the new QC15-better nose reduction and better audio reproduction. If you are not committed to the smaller phones, the QC15 gets my vote.

  • Anonymous

    Thanks Mike. I do prefer the smaller ear cups so I’ll make sure I try both before I buy. And yes they do save your sanity from the long hours up in the sky.