01 Jan 2008

by Marc Passion


Capital:Washington, D.C. Population:310 million Currency:Dollar Dial:+1

90-day visa on arrival free entry for most nationalities (need to register online prior) Click on the link for a B-2 Tourist Visa


02 May 2012

by Marc Passion

Fail: An attempt to travel around the world in 8 minutes without even stepping on to a plane.

My idea was sound. Or was it?


Start at one end of the Las Vegas strip and finish at the other. How hard could it be to film a short 8 minutevideo, meant to be 8 minutes with a short introduction to each themed casino representing different cities from around the world? It was Marc Passion versus Las Vegas, and you guessed it, Las Vegas was the winner.

I’m not sure if it was those little tired legs of mine or the compulsory consumption of 2 to 3 beers at each casino that slowed us down but here is my failed attempt to travel around the world in 8 minutes.


20 Oct 2011

by Marc Passion

Austin…is frigin cool!

Austin, Texas.

One very cool place!

Get your walking shoes on for this city.

The north of the city down Congress takes you across the river to Soco. Antique shops, awesome coffee shops and some very far out there boutiques. Stop at the many food trucks a long the way ranging from cupcakes to tex mex to thai….quick easy meals for an on the run lifestyle but still maintaining the cheap price without losing the quality taste.


09 Aug 2011

by Marc Passion

On the Down Low: Photo Essay of Downtown Los Angeles (pub crawl included)

An old LA Theatre, one of the very few left.

On your next trip to Los Angeles, forget about being that tourist where you feel its necessary to take a photo of the Hollywood Sign or Muscle Beach and instead head to Down Town LA. Get amongst the Suits, the Yuppies, the other but not so many  tourists and of course the trolley pushing homeless. Down Town LA really is one cool and hip place to check out and at no time did I feel unsafe.


11 Jul 2011

by Marc Passion


YouTube Preview Image

Want speed and a body rattling adventure? Then head to Los Angeles Six Flags Magic Mountain with 18 Coasters. More than anywhere on the planet.


18 Dec 2010

by Marc Passion

Sennheiser vs BOSE

As I boarded my flight to Los Angeles, I looked at the state of my Sennheiser (noise cancelling) head phones. Going on just over two years old, the quality and clarity of the head phones are still just as good as the day I bought them. The only difference is the cloth covering the ear pieces are wilting away. Will this end up breaking a seal therefore the noise cancellation won’t work as good as it should?

The airplane was full of passengers wearing Bose Headphones. So I’m now wondering what will be my next investment. Everybody knows about Bose. The quality. The style. The advancements in technology.

I have other Bose products and one can easily become accustomed to the superiority of Bose products. But Sennheiser in their own right have continued to improve in quality.

I prefer the smaller ear head phones and my decision has come down to 2:

The Sennheiser PXC 250-II (US$259.00) vs The Bose QuietComfort® 3 (US$349.00)

What are your thoughts of these products or do you know of other noise cancelling headphones that could beat these two to a sale?

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