07 Mar 2012

by Marc Passion

Mansons Night


Passion: Dressed by Nzega

Mansons night is all about looking after those guys and girls, many who you never see but are the ones that make your bed everyday, mop the floor, cook 3 hot meals a day and serve those cold beers. They mow the lawn and do emergency washing when you’ve had one to many and made a complete mess of yourself. It’s their turn for us to be on beck and call for a night.

For a bit of history I can tell you it is an annual event which began some 10 years ago when the Golden Pride Project first began. Management saw it necessary to show appreciation to those who work tirelessly to keep us Mzungu’s happy. And if you don’t know what a Mzungu is, well it’s a non-Tanzanian resident living in the country. Even when you head to the markets there are 3 prices. A local, a Mzungu and a tourist price.

And named Manson’s night purely because the company they work for is called Manson. Now…

The tables have turned and the begged on are now the beggers.

For extra flavour I give you SWEAT!


We cook the BBQ, serve the cold drinks and do the dishes. It’s a bit of fun and a small thank you back. A DJ is busting out those Tanzanian tunes with a mix of Western. We have awards for the best dressed; best dancer; best hat; and everyone receives a small bonus, always cash of course ;) as a Christmas present.


I went for best dressed this year but even with my Passion glorified outfit I couldn’t out do our Tanzanian locals from wearing their best to a point I couldn’t recognize them without their blue work uniforms. The bright African colors with huge smiles was a delight to see.

Best Dressed!

 A good night had by all, including myself who at the end of the night tried a bit of a balancing act using his African Skills..minus the 30 kilos….

Passion: Awesome skills…



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