Solomon Islands

17 May 2011

by Marc Passion

Sunset Sky, Up in the Guadacanal Hills


Pink sunset, Gold Ridge Mining Camp, Guadacanal.

As my time in the Solomon’s comes to an end, I’m sitting on the patio and staring at the pink sunset sky. I think about all of those wonderful people I’ve met. And definitely not about those sweaty hot days working in the mine.

When we had a minute to escape the mining camp, we took our opportunities. After all isn’t that why we travel?

From boat trips and skin diving to hiking a ridiculous 6 hours bare foot to an amazing waterfall. Or downing as many Sol Brew Beers as we could, because we could, to visiting local villages and learning and enjoying that is, the real Solomon’s culture. Far away from the hustle and bustle of Honiara.

A disappointing thing about the Solomon Islands is that tourism really does not exist. There are barely any tourist companies and information is minimal. BUT is that really disappointing? For me NO WAY JOSE! Why?

‘Because Passion is found off the Beaten Track’

Those experiences that only come about because there was no guide, there was no information and because you jumped on the bus and said “Go here”.

And the end result: All great experiences (some that may even shock you) and many friends made who I will truly miss.

So don’t be afraid to take a trip to ‘No-where’ and be prepared to get lost in this awesome and massive world of ours.

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  • Jess

    Ooooo I’ve just been inspired to go off the beaten track! I completely agree that you find so much more about a culture and the beautiful people of a new place, by getting away from the bright lights of the city and experiencing the ‘real’ lifestyle. That photo is just stunning!! Cant believe that’s your backyard! No wonder you will miss the Soloman Islands!!

  • Marc Passion

    Thanks for comments Jess! We have to continually push the boundaries to see whats out there. It’s what I love to do….and will continue to do as I venture around the world.